PEER-to-PEER Remittance platform

Powered with blockchain to enable instant, reliable international money transfers at lowest cost.

|Send money internationally at unbeatable rates.

|Exchange currency directly with real people.

|Say good bye to conversion fees.

Token Sale is

(16 Feb -
31 March)

Bonus Ends in









+ 20% Referral Bonus

  • Soft Cap 82.24%

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why  Xfermoney

Xfermoney platform is designed to disrupt and replace the traditional way of money transfers by connecting peers via the platform in different countries to exchange money directly and cut down the middleman, banks or brokers plus costs associated with them. 


With economy of $2 trillion that includes $600 Billions Remittances and $ 1.4 Trillions FX retail conversions by travellers, Xfermoney is going to replace the traditional way of money transfers by connecting participants directly and cut down the costs associated to the middleman.


First to bring P2P fiat remittance platform on blockchain gives Xfermoney the clear edge and it is set to become the leader in this space with its highly experienced team.

Unbeatable Exchange Rates

Both buyer and seller enjoy the current & same exchange rate which makes it best rate with zero spread.

Lowest Transaction Fees

Minimum platform fee with zero spread on exchange rates brings transactions cost to the lowest.


Realtime, Instant fund transfers.

Safe & secure

All transactions are executed over blockchain, making secure and brining full transparency to customers. You can also make use of other genuine trading apps in the market for a safe and secure transaction. To find the best yet reliable trading apps, the die besten trading apps guide is a must-read. Another popular yet trustworthy trading platform is Quantum AI that allows you to trade CFDs on forex, cryptocurrency, stocks,  commodities, and market indexes. Before you begin quantum trading, you need learn more about this platform.



Customer Support with live online chat facility to provide quicker response to all customer queries.

24/7 Availability

24/7 Platform availability, accessible around the globe.

How  it works

All verified users on Xfermoney platform can send money overseas to others, to their own accounts or can spend money using Xfermoney debit card while travelling and it all works in very simple steps. 

Product Roadmap

Q3 - 2017

Idea Incubation, Market Research & Feasibility Analysis, Team formation

Q4 - 2017

Whitepaper Release, Platform Architecture & Design

Q1 2018

XFM Token Offerings, Brand Awareness, Exchange Listing, Platform Development, Team Expansion

Q2, Q3 - 2018

Platform Development, Obtain Regional Licenses & Approvals  

Q4 2018

Alpha Release, Basket 1 Currency pairs

Q1 - 2019

Beta Launch, BASKET 1 and 2 Currency pairs

Q2,Q3 - 2019

Launch of Multi-currency Debit Card, Support for new currency pairs

Token  Sale

XFM Token Distribution

Timelines (Phase 1) Token sale - 16 Feb 2018 to 31st Mar 2018
XFM Total Supply(Ph 1) 125,000,000
Crowdsale Allocation 87,500,000
XFM Base price 1 ETH = 8000 XFM tokens
Hard Cap 5M(USD)
Soft Cap 1M(USD)

Tokens Allocation

Proceeds Allocation

Core  team

Sumit Kumar

Sumit Kumar

Founder / CEO

Blockchain, FX, Payments technology expert. Previously worked in Standard Chartered Bank and American Express.

Shivam Kumar

Shivam Kumar

Technology Lead

Product Head at Infinite Tech with 13+ Years experience in emerging and disrupting technology.

Dipankar Mishra

Dipankar Mishra

Senior Business Advisor

Head of Banking & Financial Services in TCS Hongkong. 20+ Years of experience in banking & financial markets.

Gaurav Jha

Gaurav Jha

Technology Consultant

Founder of Microlucid technology. Expert in digital payments & blochain technology with 11+ years of experience in IT industary.

Chetas Sankhesara

Chetas Sankhesara

Senior Software Programmer

Mobile & Payments technology expert with 10+ years of experience in software development including blockchain implementations.

Vipin Goyal

Vipin Goyal

Project Resource Manager

Founder of RevInfotech, 12+ Years of Experience in projects delivery and resourse management in IT Industary.


What is Xfermoney?

Xfermoney is founded in May 2017 by a small group of likeminded individuals who have been fans of blockchain for years and carry vast experience in the forex and payments industry.

XferMoney is a secure, transparent peer-to-peer (P2P) foreign currency exchange platform built on blockchain to enable instant, reliable international money transfers.

Platform is designed to disrupt and replace the traditional way of money transfers by connecting participants directly to exchange money and cut down the middleman, banks or brokers plus costs associated with them.

How Xfermoney is different from other companies launching ICO?

Xfermoney comes with real product that works best with blockchain technology and solves real world problem by eliminating the costs related to remittance globally. Xfermoney is the first one to introduce P2P fiat currency remittance platform over blockchain and has a clear edge to be the leading platform in the industry with its highly experienced team.

How Xfermoney works?

Please refer our whitepaper for details OR CLICK HERE

What is Xfermoney multicurrency debit card?

XferMoney comes with multicurrency debit card and customers with the debit card can spend money overseas without any forex conversion charges and it works as a local debit card in the countries supported. Refer our whitepaper or CLICK HERE.

What is a token sale?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a modern crowdfunding instrument for start-up companies via cryptocurrencies. In exchange the investors gain access to features of the projects being funded.

The advantage of an ICO is that it allows the community to be directly involved in the process. They also provide a way to bypass much slower traditional funding routes and therefore enable the start-ups to speed up the realization process of the projects.

When XFM token sale starts?

The Xfermoney token starts on 16th Feb (00:01 UTC) and ends on 31st March, 2018.

What are the benefits for participants?

XFM works as a mean to reward or get rewarded for participation in the platform and each fund transfer activity has an associated cost specified in XFM. As fund transfer transactions are carried out on the platform, the platform will be rewarded a fee from the participants involved in the transaction.

Demand for the XFM token shall increase its value and as company grows, every stakeholder will reap the benefits.

Check our whitepaper for more details.

How do I invest?

Investing is easy and straightforward. Refer the Tokensale section in website and follow the guidelines.

Residents from which countries are eligible to participate in the Xfermoney token sale?

Residents of Hongkong, Singapore and India are not allowed to participate in the ICO directly or indirectly.

However, it is the responsibility of every investor to check whether investment in ICO is illegal or restricted in their country of residence.

How do I see my XFM tokens on MyEtherWallet?

You can check using follow these instructions:
In your myetherwallet choose the option: “Add custom Token”
In the fields enter:

  • ETH address: 0xb22ad94fa9b67513382b78507945666eB98EB24e
  • Symbol: XFM
  • Decimals: 4