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XFM Token Sale is Closed.

Dear Patron,

Thank you for your contribution and showing trust in our project. We have tried our best in last three months of our ICO campaign to get maximum contributions. We also tried to get investments from private investors and VCs by personally meeting them and giving them a full presentation of our concept. 

We did very well in our campaign and won many praises but we couldn’t turn this goodwill into the desired expectation of capital raising. We have received near about 225 ETH contributions from our crowd sale/funding. Additionally, our private investors and VCs have given us investment commitment but there has been a major delay. Our private investors haven’t said “NO” but the delay in realising this amount is a matter of concern for us. With the current situation, considering only the crowdsale funding received in crypto, it is not sufficient to meet the Softcap. 

Our core team has taken a final decision to call it off and return the contributions made by enthusiastic crypto investors. To process the refund, follow the steps below. We are also notifying to the exchanges to pull out from listing the XFM token.

While calling off the ICO, we give you the assurance that your contributions will be returned as per our refund policy. We will keep our telegram channel open to communicate with you. We will also share a separate email with the process for refund which shall be used for all the communication. 

Thank you for your support and rest assured that you will get your contributions back soon.

Refund Process

Thanks to all the participants for returning the XFM tokens.

Xfermoney team has begun the refund process and it will be completed by 30th April. 

  • Refund will be processed to same account from which we received the contribution amount during the token sale.
  • As per the terms, ICO expenses will be adjusted in the refund amount. 
  • Refund will be processed in the same payment method as received.
  • All participants who have returned their XFM tokens by 20th April  shall receive their refund by 30th April.

We target to complete the refund process by 30th April. For any queries related to the refund: email at